About me


First of all, let me start off by saying – If you are looking for my portfolio, you will find it at Issuu.com

The other side

I’m in the middle of deciding if I should go for the serious version; telling you all about my passion for architecture, education and co-creative processes, or the other side of me, the one you can’t see here on the blog. I believe I just decided on the latter one.

First of all: I’m as curious as can be. I love getting lost, whether it is in my own city or a place that i’m just visiting for a few days, I just enjoy turning a corner not knowing where I am or what to expect. Right, left, i let my gut decide. That’s the only way to find the quirky cafe’s and magical bookstores and hidden corners of a city, and it gives you a reason to stop people who’s mere presence I find interesting as to ask them where they suggest me to go. Even better if they give you some of their time to have a coffee together, that way it gives me a chance to hear their story, and ask them what they truly burn for in life. Let’s put it like this: My network is ever expanding, as is my curiosity, and my joy of speaking to people seem to be never ending. 
Other then that I’m a big kid who loves a good playground at the same time as I’m the grandmother who loves to bake and sew and have lace under my begonia potts. I also like biking in the rain with my constantly smiling lips painted red. I know for a fact that smiles spread like a wildfire this way. ;) What can I say, it’s all me, and I’m happy I manage to fit them all in. 
Now, on you go, read a few post, look at some projects and let me know what you think!

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