Selling out, puppies in bunny suits and Charles Bukowski

A few days ago i decided that it was about time for me to start making writing into a habit. This decision was made after I realised that I hadn’t written more or less anything since January, and that i missed it, as well as reading a post called 5 Things i Learned Fighting To Make Willpowered Into A Living on my new blog Willpowered. Under point nr.5 Win Every Day, he mentioned how he set a goal of writing 1000 words per day and that this was by far one of the best decisions he made when it comes to making his blog Willpowered.

And even though I’m not taking this decision as to make my blog into my living, at least not yet, i have to get it up and running before that is ever likely to happen, i do find it liberating in many ways.

As of now I don’t have a specific focus when i write, i simply want to get the momentum going and make this into a daily routine. But as you probably will figure out when you read this, my thoughts about selling out and puppies in bunny suits does come from somewhere. It comes from the desire to start a blog solely focusing on other peoples passion. And i’m not talking about interviewing people about their passions per say, but interviewing people about why they are so passionate about their subjects, and dig deeper into the subject of Passion. I’ve already bought the domain A Bird To Be, now i just have to get it up and running…

Day 3

Unedited – I haven’t read it through since I wrote it yesterday, so take it with a grain of salt


Are you willing to “Sell out” now as to be able to do what you want in the future?

That is the big questions that i’m pondering on right now. What i really want to do is write about people, projects and subjects that inspire people to grow, learn, teach and be the sort of person that inspires people around them.

As to be able to do this I need capital, because unfortunately I can’t pay off my student loans, or pay for my daily living by giving people a smile, inspiration or all the good vibes i can sum up in that very moment.

So how do i go about making a living doing the things that i love? Namely writing about subjects that inspire, connect people, tell people about what is going on around the globe, inspire people to collaborate, be a part of creating new projects, come in as a helping mind and hand wherever it is  needed, and at the same time make sure to be able to live a good life and becoming debt free at the same time???

I know for a fact that that is the sort of questions that people ask themselves all the time. Just on the top of my head i can mention several people i know who work with their heart rather then with their wallets in mind. They are working with projects that are their passion, weather it is blogging about the a day in the life of one of the creatives in Melbourne, or building school in Colombia, all these people are making a positive change in the lives of many without really getting paid.

It is as if people that are doing good, that are focusing on bringing joy and knowledge to others are not as valuable as people working with selling cars. It’s as if teachers are not as valuable as bankers. It’s as if wanting to make a living on you passion is seen as something evil.

Does this mean that you have to dislike, be indifferent or even hate your job as to be allowed to make a decent amount of money..?

I sure hope not, cause i want to continue looking for challenging projects that sparks my interest. I want to be able to life on the things that i love doing.

If i change direction in my writing and start talking about sex, love, relationships, top 10 fashion flops and Justin Beiber (No, i don’t know hot to spell his surname, and i have no intention on googling it, so there…), will i be able to write about the things i believe truly mater in the lives of people and in the grand scheme of human development?

Sure, i can switch to talk about cure puppies un bunny suits, if that gives me enough views to start doing things of value. Not that cute puppies in bunny suits don’t have any value. If the make even just one person smile today, that have served their purpose, so here we go

l-My-friends-dog-got-into-the-Easter-Spirit [I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find any good pictures of dogs in bunny suits. I was wrong. This is awseome]

You are welcome. Now look at some cute kittens in penguin suits. (Don’t know if that actually exists, or if i have to do a bad photoshop rendering of at as to catch your attention. If i do, then it’s worth it)

cat in penguin suit

[I definitely didn’t think i would find a cat in a penguin suit. I was wrong ones more. WHY do you do this to the pets you say you love. A dog is a dog is a dog. And a cat is a cat, or in this case, a cat is a killer penguin…]

For you who only look at the pictures above, let me give you some insight into what this post is about, and before i tell you i just want to tell you that i apologise for the disappointment, but it’s not really about puppies nor kittens. Buzz kill, i know, but bare with me.

Don’t take me wrong, if i have to start writing about Justin Beiber and other people who are famous for being heartthrobs, i’ll do it, under a pseudonym that sounds nothing like me. I’ll even bimbofy my language if that helps. Or maybe, just maybe, i’ll change tactics and decided to write about the utterly useless subjects mimicking (or at least try mimicking) the language of famous writers.

I’ll write about puppies as if i’m Charles Bukowski and Justin Bieber as If I’m Oscar Wilde.

After that i’ll turn back to my real name (or maybe you just think its my real name, but in reality I’m just a pseudonym. No one in their right mind would keep a surname such as Dickmark. It has fake, or is it…?) the one you see above and use the money from the puppies and kittens, the Oscar Wilds and the Charles Bukowskis for projects and articles i care about.

So am I serious about selling out simply to make a living? Well, with the idea of writing like Mr Wild about little Bieber, it all of a sudden becomes oh so much more interesting. But how would i ever be able to live with myself, having to do research on such an utterly uninteresting subject. Bieber is famous, So Fudging What. Unless he starts developing education for kids in rural parts of th world, or develops the cure for cancer, i really don’t care what he does with his life.

Put puppies will always be adorable, and will always make people smile, so maybe i’ll stick to that.


So am I willing to sell out as to be able to do what I’m truly passionate about? I honestly still don’t know. We will see. All I know is that it’s time for me to focus on my passion for other peoples passion.

Time to get going on studying the subject itself and do interviews with passionate people.

Maybe a few puppies will pop up ones in a while after this post, but only occasionally so don’t hold your breath.