Copenhagen Open Highschool – co-creating learning environments

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KG as the school is called colloquially, is going through a process where they seek both new forms of teaching, new learning environments and to expand the school through adding a new section to their existing building.

Our role in this context was to get students and teachers involved. Over a period of two months a group of students and a group teacher explored and documented the existing framework. They presented their results at the annual board meeting conference. Based on these findings 60 students, teachers and directors developed visions for KG’s future educational approach and vision for the physical framework.

Alongside working with Copenhagen Open High School we collaborated with Peter Gatys Wahlberg, In_Situ architects, who has extensive experience in the development of schools. The next stage in the development of the add-on is to decide on the responsible architect and consulting engineer. The building, which includes a minimum of 4 new classrooms, it is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2013.

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