WRUIN – Writing Under Influence



WRUIN was started after I at repeated occasions got asked the question: How do you start writing?”. One day a friend asked me if I ever write under influence. The answer to that question was NO, but I fell in love with the expression “Writing Under Influence” and decided that I had to do something with it. And so the website WRUIN  [WRiting Under INfluence] was born.

The fact is that most people are afraid of the blank page. Writers and students alike, most of us are dreading that first sentence. With this in mind, and a glass of wine in hand, I started working on putting together a space where people can send their first drafts, unedited and full grammatical errors. A space where you don’t get judged for jotting down their brilliant, silly or/and completely nonsensical words on paper.

Its the space for bad poems, tacky novels, and heartbreaking love letters, written while under the influence wine, whiskey, weed or simply the lack of sleep.


Ernest Hemingway said many brilliant things in a simple way, one of these many things was:

“Write drunk

Edit sober”


On WRUIN we keep to the first sentence and skip the second. We better give the reader something to laugh about when they need a break from the dull mondays.

So grab a glass, a bottle, or a whatever your heart and brain desires, sit down by the computer and write write write.

WRUIN doesn’t judge, WRUIN just wants to be there to hold your hand while you get the words you have inside of you out through your fingers to cover the first page of whiteness.