IMOLEARN – an artefact for active learning

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- School furniture for physical activity and learning

Educational research has in recent years focused on the fact that children learn better through the body, and if they are regularly physics active it will probably lead to better power of concentration. At the same time there is a group of students who are less physically active and therefore are at risk of developing lifestyle diseases. Finally, there is evidence that the reduced physical activity leads to increased incidence of musculoskeletal problems.

This leads to an increased awareness of physical activity and exercise and we encounter that the physical environment should promote physical movement during lessons. “The furniture” shape and location are key elements here.

The goal of the project is therefore:

  1. To develop inspiring, movement friendly school furniture and furniture for physical activity, play and learning.
  2. To adapt and develop the pedagogical practice in correlation with the new physical environment.
  3. To test concepts and hereby uncover new knowledge about teaching with integrated physical activity, play and exercise.

The project is developed and tested in collaboration with four schools; Sjøllund Hejls, Lyshøj School, Kollerup School and Dragør North School in Denmark. The project is EU funded and MoHo has been working with the following partners during this project: Kolding municipality, SIS Functional Furniture, Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics – SDU and the Alexandra Institute.


The schools developed educational methods, you can find the  instruction movies and read more about the project here:

For additional information check out the project description – kids’n’tweens

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