The T-shirt project

TTP_A long chain of friends

Why I started The T-shirt Project
The idea is a continuation of the joke going on between Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gossling. But instead of sending t-shirts back and forth between only two people this chain is there as a reminder that everyone on this planet is connected to you in one way or another, you just don’t know exactly how. So smile and be kind to everyone you meet.
There was a time when you used the postal office to send letters. And back in those days there was this thing called a chain-letter. You would receive a chain letter that asked you to do something, and afterward you were supposed to send it to another friend. Well, this is based on the same principal, but this time around we send chain-shirts… You can say that it’s like connecting friends through t-shirt. And it’s fun.


Connecting through t-shirts


First friends:

Juliet – Copenhagen, Denmark

Bram – Copenhagen, Denmark

Lene – Copenhagen, Denmark

Rodolfo – Mexico

Giorgio – Reunion Island

Berit – Copenhagen

Reka – Copenhagen

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